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About Osama Elfeky

About Osama Elfeky Osama Elfeky (Sam Elfeky) is the only child for a father who was diplomat (Dr Mohamed Zaky Elfeky) Sam was born in Srilanka as part of his father life Sam Elfeky traveled to plenty of countries and have seen different cultures in young age Sam Elfeky is fond of traveling and business adventures Sam own … Continue reading About Osama Elfeky


About David Siclari

About David Siclari Born August 4th, 1968 and raised in Belleville, New Jersey along with an older brother Vinny and older sister Paula. I was a very shy boy who loved to stay close to home and very rarely slept out over friend’s houses etc. After losing my mom to cancer at the young age … Continue reading About David Siclari

Teaching English in Thailand – The Four Best Things

Teaching English in Thailand   Teaching English in Thailand – The Four Best Things   Teaching English in Thailand – Click here for more info   Thailand has long been an extremely popular travel destination for a while now attracting millions of tourists every year to check out it’s various popular attractions like beautiful waterfalls … Continue reading Teaching English in Thailand – The Four Best Things