Entrepreneurship battles

By Dustin Sartwell

My name is Dustin Sartwell and I am a Husband, Father, and entrepreneur. Daily it seems impossible to find a balance in life that create enough time to succeed in all my roles. As a husband I am expected to be the strong and the rock of the family. As a father I want to be a friend to my two daughters but still give them the parental guidance needed for them to succeed in life. Being an Entrepreneur takes up most of my time. My wife Elizabeth Sartwell and myself are partners in business we own Born Vogue Hair Salon and The Public Barbershop. Opening these two businesses has taken a large financial responsibility on both of us. Elizabeth is the day to day manager of the businesses and also a cosmetologist herself. I envy my wife who loves going to work everyday in a career field that is her passion. She has worked hard to create a professional but fun environment at both the locations.

My other business is a construction Company owner. I primarily perform on public works projects and have built a steady reputation since 2015. Construction has taken a toll on my body both mentally and physically, Elizabeth has been very supportive of my career path but the construction field requires you to put lots of hours. I struggle separating business from pleasure and at the end of 2019 I was barely making time for my family and focusing all my days chasing dollars. I was providing very well for my family, but the money did not compensate for the time I was missing watching my kids grow up or being a partner to my wife. I decided at the end of 2019 that I would switch my career path as an entrepreneur and start applying for set hour jobs that allowed me to plan my days better. I had a lot of promising offers on the table and then Covid-19 was announced.

Covid-19 sent waves across every industry and all the offers I had on the table were temporarily closed due to the unknown. Shortly after that we were forced to close our Salon and Barbershop due to government mandatory shutdowns. This not only crippled us financially but forced me to double down in the construction field and worker longer hours than I was already working prior. There was no compensation for our businesses, Elizabeth whole career was unknown at that point and she went from being a successful business owner to a stay at home mom. We looked into all options to keep us financially afloat and all options ended up running up debts with financial institutions something that we have never had to look into. I decided that running on credit and going into debt  was not an option, so I reached out to all my construction contacts to see how they were dealing with the pandemic. Lots of them were short staffed and had a lot of projects that were left in limbo due to the virus. I sat back one night and came up with the idea of still doing construction but primarily doing project management and offering something that lots of agencies were missing in these crazy times, which was direction on how to operate a construction business during Covid. I landed a few management projects for local school districts that allowed me to show companies how to operate efficiently and safely during Covid and what steps to take if Covid reached the workplace. A few small jobs turned into managing large projects and finally then I landed overlooking a large project that will last over a year to manage the construction work on the entire campus.

This position has allowed me to step back and dedicate my daytime for the school district and then in the evening separate work from play. I enjoy the time I have with my family and hope that I keep on the same track of finding the balance. The one thing I have learned throughout my experiences is We need money to put a roof over our heads and food in our mouths, but if a balance is not found between making money and enjoying life then what are we really living for. For me compensation of hard work is being able to come home and ride bikes and play with my daughters, its being able to take time out of my day to talk with my wife about everything and listen to her input. 2020 has been a weird year and has put so much stress on everyone. we are fortunate that we made it through the past 9 months thru finances and health, but it definitely gave me a new perspective that I need to slow down and focus on my family.

My name is Dustin Sartwell; I am married to Elizabeth Sartwell. Our wedding day was July 28th, 2012. I have two daughters, Piper Jane Sartwell and Haylee Sage Sartwell. I enjoy the following activities: dirt bike riding, camping, swimming, playing tennis, riding bikes, relaxing, and spending time with my family.  I am a licensed contractor who owns D&M Construction in California who primarily does work on public work projects. My most recent project completed in 2019 was Pacific High School in Ventura. I did gas and water replacement for the entire Campus. I also installed a new relocatable building at Mound School in Ventura. My wife and I own a salon in Thousand Oaks, California called Born Vogue Salon and Spa. We also own the Public Barbershop in Westlake. My personal accomplishments have been opening up all three businesses and raising two daughters with my wife.

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