By John Hamilton from Murrieta

Factors which are the most important to consider when building your small business group, sporting team, or choosing a partner

Understanding the key factors and what impact they have on on the overall success of a project, goal, or outcome is paramount to your success.  Deciding to partner up with others in a team environment should be weighed carefully before entering a working relationship with them

There are three main components to consider when building a small business group working together, a bowling team, or even picking a dance partner:

  • Attitude
  • Commitment
  • Ability

I recall being a young boy where we would pick teams for a game of dodge ball, softball, or other playground sport. It appeared that the ‘best’ players would be chosen as captains, who would then subsequently pick teammates in alternating order. Unfortunately, the criteria to choose teammates was done in a manner where the subsequent best (Ability) players were chosen first, and then players who were not so athletically gifted were chosen last. This often stems from the desire to ‘Win’, which obviously seemed like the quickest route to success; yet, at what cost?

In over 30 years as being a professional athlete, coach, and business owner I have learned how important it is in prioritizing the key attributes to what creates a winning team.

The three main elements mentioned above are the main factors in determining who makes a great fit for a small group environment, team, or partnership. I understand that if we could genetically clone ourselves, then obviously that would be the winning formula. I wish it was that easy, but that is actually the furthest thing from reality!

Understanding the balance and relationship of Attitude, Commitment, and Ability greatly expands one’s potential to succeed in building a small workgroup, team, or partnership.

As discussed above, it is easy to default to our baseline training and behaviors and solely look at ‘Ability’ as the primary key factors when choosing someone for a team or project.

Understanding the relationship between: Attitude, Commitment, and Ability (1-1-3)

#1 Attitude (25-40% factor)

Can one ‘bad apple’ ruin the bunch? You can bet your last dollar on that question, and you will WIN a million bucks!

One person within your team can quickly become cancerous, which can destroy your group’s project or established goal. They can make things uncomfortable, and frankly not fun to be around. When the fun or cohesiveness is undermined by individuals with bad attitudes, then things will fall apart and eventually fail.

When looking for people to surround yourself with, look for people who have a positive attitude. Positivity attracts positivity, which is a huge factor in accomplishing your goals along with having fun along the journey.

Attributes of a Person with a Positive Attitude


Achiever Active Adaptable Ambitious Balanced Candid
Cheerful Compassion Competitive Consistent Cooperative Courageous
Curious Devoted Diplomatic Easy Going Enterprising Enthusiastic
Exciting Facilitator Flexible Focused Forgiving Generous
Listens Imaginative Incredible Independent Industrious Innovative
Insightful Literate Logical Mediator Modest Open-Minded
Organized Original Outgoing Patient Perceptive Personable
Pleasant Positive Practical Proactive Productive Professional
Quality Results Driven Self-Reliant Sensible Sensitive Sincere
Skilled Solid Thoughtful Trustworthy Warm Wise


There is not going to be the perfect percentage (like a balanced 33.3%) to fulfill this top-level characteristics of choosing a good teammate or co-worker; but, if you stick within a range where ‘Attitude’ is between 25-40%, then that is a great starting point.

Beware! Avoid these behaviors with people with bad attitudes (At all Costs)


Aggressive Aloof Arrogant Belligerent Big-Headed Bitchy
Boastful Boring Bossy Callous Cantankerous Careless
Changeable Clinging Compulsive Cowardly Cunning Cruel
Cynical Deceitful Detached Dishonest Domineering Finicky
Foolish Fussy Greedy Grumpy Garish Impatient
Impolite Inconsiderate Inflexible Jealous Lazy Mean
Miserable Moody Nasty Nervous Obsessive Obstinate
Overcritical Overemotional Patronizing Pessimistic Pompous Possessive
Quarrelsome Resentful Rude Ruthless Sarcastic Selfish
Self-Centered Sneaky Stingy Stupid Timid Thoughtless



#1 Commitment (25-40% Factor)

Commitment also weighs in as a top level factor when determining who will work well within your team environment. There is nothing more frustrating (other than bad attitudes) when working with other people who have varying levels of commitment to a project, goal, or objective.

Committed People are ones who:

  • Committed People make commitments – These are people who are not afraid to to say what they are going to do, and actually do what they say. The words: maybe, I hope, should, could, or can’t are ones which are not in their vocabulary. You will often hear the words I WILL” from people who are committed.


  • Committed People fulfill commitments – They visualize and can see the end game, the destination, the goal, no matter what obstacles appear. Committed People are so focused, that not accomplishing the goal is not even a factor in the equation.


  • Committed People will both say and write down what they are committing to – They will stand in their truth and shout out to the world what they will be doing and accomplishing. Committed People will write down their commitments ingraining the very thing that they WILL complete (Notice the word “WILL”).


  • Committed People are always on-time, all the time – You will never see Committed People show up late for a meeting, or agreed upon time. They will show up 5-10 minutes early giving everyone else the respect that they deserve. *Be wary of people who like to set times like 5:00ish, and feel it is okay to show up 5-10 minutes late (this is NOT okay!).


  • Committed People invest in their own commitments – They invest time, money, effort, and energy into their commitments. They will rework their lives around their commitments, as they know that their word is their bond to themselves.


  • Committed People are passionate – Their passion, desire, and beliefs inspires others around them.



#3 Ability (15-35% Range)

There is a natural desire to pick the most athletic, smartest, gifted individual for your group, team, or partnership. This stems from the desire to reach your destination (goal) in the perceived shortest amount of time possible, and win!

At the end of the day, you can essentially teach anyone how to dance and perform at a very high level, as long as they are passionate and committed in learning how to.

Not everyone will have the same level of ability, nor should you prioritize this as the number one factor when building your team. You often find professional sporting teams who may have one or two very talented individuals; yet, they are surrounded by younger players who have the drive, passion, and are committed to the end goal. This is what creates a cohesive unit, not just having a slew of superstars who have bad attitudes, or ones who do not have the passion and commitment they once had.

As you embark upon your journey to build a winning team, think about the necessary elements and behaviors which will create success in your life. Find the balance between surrounding yourself with people who have good attitudes, and are committed. Lastly, and somewhat less of an important factor, look for those who have God given talents, or who may appear to be the ‘sharpest tool in the shed’. Remember to keep your eyes open for the proverbial diamonds in the rough who have positive attitudes, and are committed.

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