Real Estate Agents Who Follow The Golden Rule Make More Cash. Frederic sealey 

Many surveys have been done, to be able to measure how a wide variety of jobs, are considered and evaluated by the general public. It’s most likely little surprise, politicians have always rated quite low. The general public’s perception of them being that they are all liars, crooks and will say just about anything to get you to vote for them. Unfortunately, salespeople, generally speaking, and realtors, in particular, have also not fared too well, in the view of much of the general public. The terms “silver tongued sleazy salesman with slicked back hair come strongly to mind. There might be certain legitimate reasons for this, in addition to some perceptual ones, but if you’re intending to either sell your own, or try to get a house, you’re almost always, better served, once you’re represented by a real estate professional!
So if you’re in the Real Estate business, developing a strong reputation of being an ethical Realtor is going to set you apart from the competition and ultimately put more cash into your pockets notes Carl Frederic Sealey.

1. Do unto others: Evaluate if someone behaves in a way, he would likely need to be treated? Is he honest and honest, honest and just, and can he move with a high degree of professional and personal integrity?

2. Tell truth (the reality): Since the oath goes, will he inform the fact, the entire truth? This means being honest all – the – time, not only when it’s easy or convenient? Not only some of the time. Will he be honest when nobody is looking? If a man lies in the woods and there is no one around to hear his lie, is the man a liar. I would certainly say so.

3. Function as expert clients deserve: Is your person truly expert? Does he have a high level of knowledge and data, and can he articulate it, in an easy – to – understand manner? Can he explain his plans, concerning pricing, marketing, and negotiations?

4. Tell them exactly what they should know! Carl Frederic Sealey’s motto is, I will always let you know what you will need to know, not just what you would prefer to only hear. Don’t you think every customer deserves that treatment? Even though some homeowners may hire somebody who tells them what they need to hear, the Golden Rule, would necessitate telling the truth, entirely, even if it may be somewhat uncomfortable. After all, if you were in their shoes, I’m sure you would want to be hearing the entire truth, and not just the part that sounds good.

5. Be truthful and service – oriented! : This needs very little explanation. So I will say no more on this.

If you’re searching for a Realtor, seek a broker who will honor the Golden Rule. 

And if you are a Realtor, follow the Golden Rule. You will ultimately sleep better at need, develop a great reputation, and even end up making more money than you would by dancing with the truth. It’s a win – win move in my humble opinion.


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