BSP press release Jeffrey Gliwa Producer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9/29/17 Contact: Jeffrey Gliwa Producer Blue Shark Pictures, LLC 323-472-3830 San Francisco, CA: Jeffrey Gliwa, Blue Shark Pictures, Christopher Coppola and CRCoppola Enterprises present the SFAI Film Department Fundraiser and Celebration.  An exclusive sneak peak of Christopher Coppola’s latest film “Torch” will be shown.   Join SFAI’s Director of the Film … Continue reading BSP press release Jeffrey Gliwa Producer


The Great Gatsby Review

By David Lo, Teacher The Great Gatsby includes plenty of elements that are likely to be highly engaging for adolescent readers. From the very first moment Gatsby is introduced at one of his parties, Fitzgerald creates him as a larger than life character. “I’m Gatsby,” he said suddenly. “I thought you knew, old sport. I’m … Continue reading The Great Gatsby Review

Douglas Berger Psychiatrist Tokyo

This article first appeared in Psychiatric Times on May 26th, 2016 Douglas Berger Psychiatrist Tokyo, comments on “The Interplay of Mood Disorders and Eating Disorders” by Blair Uniacke, MD and Allegra Broft, MD, May 26, 2016 issue of the Psychiatric Times: The authors state that CBT is a “well established” evidence-based treatment” for mood disorders, however, … Continue reading Douglas Berger Psychiatrist Tokyo

For what reason RFID card offense is (and isn’t) impossible

Although they said that contactless visa or MasterCard crime in the fraud scenario I actually proposed was impossible, We pushed back for an explanation as to why. The data that is sent wirelessly from an RFID card is very limited and doesn't contain enough information for a product owner (or device or service) following its … Continue reading For what reason RFID card offense is (and isn’t) impossible